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January 1, 2018: I nearly went all of 2017 without putting out a comic, and it turns out my last minute addition is a declaration that my comic will be coming to an end in its current state. For the longest time I've stuck to the cut and paste style of comic creation because I wanted a comic that looked consistent. This led to my comic feeling very low effort, and let's be honest, sometimes it was. Other times I would spend hours on a background that would be used a few times. The comic started to take up too much of my time for me to be consistent with it, and the results weren't really apparent. For this year I want to try something different. I'm going to be doing the comic by hand, and then coloring digitally. We'll see how that turns out.

That said here's my current new years goals relating to my online presence
- Remake my disaster of a site
- Release at least 12 comics
- Release at least 200 videos on my Youtube Channel
- Release at least one song.

Whether or not I'll accomplish this is up for debate, but it's good to have goals, and these are mine.

October 19, 2016: Still here. Made some updates to the site including a drop shadow on the text to make it easier to read. I've also started doing podcasts and those are now available in the "Podcast" section of the site. I have also launched a Patreon campaign which can be accessed from the "contact" page. This will go towards helping me continue to create my video content on my Youtube channel.

July 28, 2016: It's amazing how easily I can be distracted. Today's comic was done the day after the last comic but I completely forgot to upload it to the site. *sigh* I guess there goes my comic uploading streak. I've got this bad habit of just quitting if I happen to miss one upload. Let's see if I can get rid of that habit.

June 27, 2016: Since the comic is now on the main page again, I really don't see any point in having a link to the comic unless I'm specifically referring to the content of the comic in some direct/verbose manner. That's not the case for today's uncharacteristically political offering so we're just going to move on.

I haven't really been struggling with comic ideas this time around as the comic would suggest, but rather it's more of a case of "the comic doesn't look as good as I'd like it to, and it takes too much time to make things look nice, so maybe I should just spend my time on other things". Fortunately I've pushed through those thoughts and have kind of revamped my comic making process. This change behind the scenes means that you may notice some "growing pains" in the art of the comic over the next little while, but in the end I feel like it'll result in more consistent quality in the comic.

I had played with the idea of updating the comic more frequently as I used to but with how busy I am it's just not a feasible goal. As it is I'm barely maintaining my buffer of comics. The buffer is just a comic or two that I've got done in advance in case something happens, so I can go a week or two without making one. I am going to continue to upload a comic on Mondays and if my buffer happens to grow to more than, say, four weeks ahead I'll upload a bonus comic on Thursday. That's not likely to happen, but it's a possibility.

Well, there's a ton I could go on about but I think that I'll leave it at this for now. Game on!

June 13, 2016: I decided to redo the layout of my site. Let's face it, this site is primarily and will likely always be a site dedicated to my comic. So now, when you come here the comic will be front and center.

One of the major reasons for me to stop doing my comic is I can't think of any ideas for a comic or I have ideas and no way to write them in a manner that I like. I currently have a small list of topics and rough scripts so I think the comic will be regular for at least the next month :P

I removed the Twitter feed and featured video from the front page and instead I'm going to roll those into their respective sections on the site. The Youtube/video section is under construction but you should now be able to reach me from a few different avenues, including Twitter, from my "Contact" section.

I'm also wondering what the point of having the comic thumbnail beside the news post is anymore since the comic is now front and center. I think I may be doing away with that going forward.

June 6, 2016: I've really missed being able to vent frustrations through my comic. It seems that people are just becoming more and more sensitive all the time and it's so annoying. I try and avoid drama as much as possible but when your main hobby is gaming you tend to come across it quite often these days.

Now I'm not saying that people shouldn't stand up for things that are clearly problematic. I think my problem with this trend of finding everything offensive is the way that these people choose to express that offense. Instead of getting to the core of the problem and trying to explain the precise issue and a way to fix it that is fair, the discussion turns into a shouting match of who can scream their point louder.

Anyways, that's my short spiel for the week. I'm excited to be creating things again and have many new and interesting projects lined up for the coming months, and I really hope that it'll be quite a while before my next hiatus.

May 28, 2016: Big surprise, life happened and I stopped updating the comic. After the house flooded I honestly had lost all interest in working on the comic, which is a real shame as it's something I've enjoyed doing since I started it. So anyways, here we are again, with me resuming the comic.

Why do I even bother with the comic? Well, it's kind of a release. It's an outlet for me to just kind of do whatever I feel like. I don't really make the comic for anyone else. It's a "just for me" thing. I recognize it's not the best. The art is very copy and paste, the jokes are mediocre, the plots are meh, but ultimately it makes me happy to create, and so I shall continue to start and stop the comic for years to come. Hey! At least there has never been a year where I haven't released at least one comic.

It's going to be a bit of a challenge as most of my creative energy and time has been dedicated to my Youtube channel, but I'm going to try to get at least 52 comics out before I go on some kind of extended hiatus yet again.

April 21, 2015: Wow! I dropped the ball. Life got crazy on me again and it just messed up my whole routine. Part of that craziness is represented in today's comic. I'm starting to get back into the swing of things, so I'm hoping to keep the site alive and updated... yadda yadda yadda, more stuff I've said a thousand times before.

Also, if you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to visit me on Youtube for lots of video gaming goodness.

February 2, 2015: Wow! I'm on my second month and I've gotten a comic out each week. Go me! Ok ok, enough self patting on the back. Today's comic is more of a set up for the ongoing plot and my start of bringing many of my older characters back.

Once I get comfortably set in my update schedule I'll start branching out with more content, but as it stands I'm working hard on getting at least 5 Youtube videos up, and a comic every week. Hopefully I'll be able to expand on that. I've really missed creating content and I suspect I'll be doing a lot during 2015. Stay tuned here for anything I may be involved in. Game on!

January 27, 2015: I need to figure out how to code my site so that I can just update a comic, specify a date, and it'll go up on that date. I had today's comic done on Saturday but since I had crossed it off my To-Do list, I forgot to actually upload it here.

Anyways, things are proceeding as normal, and so far so good. Enjoy!

January 19, 2015: Third week and I'm still making my deadlines! I'm a little sad that I had to settle for a recycled background, but alas, that's just how the comic is done. Life is busy, I can't draw a new background for every single strip. I'll try to introduce new background art more frequently than I have in the past, and try to keep its quality high. I like to think of the comic as a sort of stage. There are several sets that the actors play on, and as such you see a lot of the same art. Hope that doesn't turn you off too badly.

January 13, 2015: Paranormal investigation shows are a marvelous source of entertainment. On the one hand, they allow us to entertain the idea of life after death, and can actually serve as a source of evidence for what many people believe. On the other hand, they're a great source of comedy entertainment. A bunch of grown men (and occassionally women) running around in the dark scaring themselves. It's absolutely giggle worthy.

I'm sorry my update for this week is a day late. I did say that I would "try" to upload a new comic on Mondays, but my ultimate goal is to ensure that there is AT LEAST one comic per week, regardless of the day.

If you like video games and haven't checked out my Youtube channel, be sure to swing by. I've got Let's Plays of old and new games, and am branching out into other types of videos on general gaming discussion.

January 5, 2015: It would appear I am staying true to my word. Today I present you the next comic in my ongoing epic *snicker*. I'm happy with how the art came out in this one, and while it's not the funniest (I shoot more for silly anyways) I think it's a solid entry to get me going again.

January 2, 2015: UPDATE: I went ahead and splurged on a decent host. No more annoying popup/popunder ads. After a few hours of fighting with some of the worst support I have ever dealt with, I've finally got the site working on the new host. I just hope I won't need to speak with support again. Support was bad, but the service was incredibly affordable.

A new year and a new years resolution. This year I would like to see this site come alive again. I'm shooting for a new comic every week. What day? Probably Mondays. So get ready for a crazy ride in comic land because I am fired up and ready for this.

Why do I feel like I'll actually be able to pull it off this time? Well, in the past the reason that I haven't been able to keep a steady updating schedule is because I've been distracted by other things and just wasn't able to just put my head down and work on things. Turns out I had a case of ADD that had gone rather undiagnosed up until now. So now that I am medicated, and focused, let's see if I can truly blame the ADD, or if it's just my nature to be undependable.

I'm not happy with the current host for the site. If you're reading this you no doubt have been bombarded with ads. The reason for this is that my creative projects really don't make much money at all and I can't afford a monthly hosting package just yet. So I'll either be finding a new free host, or finding the money to make this site a stable location for all of my content. Stay tuned for more information.

December 10, 2014: Wow! I haven't updated my site in ages. This simply will not do. Time for an update, and another promise to continue updating.

I mentioned previously that I had begun work on an adventure game. Progress on that game is coming along nicely. I changed the engine I was using though. I originally started with Allegro and writing everything from the ground up but I've found that it has been overall easier for me to design the whole game in Adventure Game Studio". Even though the engine is designed for point and click adventure games, it has some build in parser functions that I've been able to adapt to what I was going for. I'll likely put up some more images or maybe even videos some time in the future.

What about the comic? BluScreen used to be the home of my crazy webcomic that started off as a quick college project. Well, I'm going to try doing the comic weekly again. "Try" being the key word there. I have every intention of doing it but historically I have been horrible at following through. Let's see if this time I can stick it. Now taking bets!

I'm going to likely experiment with the site layout a bit as well. I'm not too crazy about the font work anymore (It's horrible). So expect some changes in that department.

November 5, 2013: Here comes the first look at a game that I've been working on for a while. The artwork in this screenshot is very Pre-Alpha and not at all reflective of the final product. I just liked the mood and wanted to share a bit of the game. Considering the protagonist "Elizabeth Crowley" is making an appearance in the comic I thought it would be appropriate to at least let everyone know who this character was.
As you can see from the screenshot (which is not a mockup, that is taken from within the game) the game is going to be an oldschool text-parser based adventure game in the same vein as Sierra classics such as Space Quest, King's Quest, and Police Quest. The difference? This one is going to be a dynamic horror experience. Taking the visuals and format of the classic adventure games, and fusing them with some modern design ideas. My attempt is to create a game that leaves you tense, always feeling on the edge, and in the spirit of classic Sierra games... fearing (or seeking out) death.
For more updates on comics and other projects I'm working on be sure to tune into my twitter feed: @BluScreen_Jason

October 29, 2013: New site navigation. Moving away from making this a site exclusively for my comics. My comics will remain a major focus, but I'm shuffling around the layout so that it'll be easier to add other projects I've been working on.

To mark this occasion I invite you to enjoy the end of my Nth hiatus.

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